Ad in Ohio State student newspaper viewed as hate-speech by some

An advertisement run in an Ohio State student newspaper (“Lantern”) is being targeted as hate crime by many of the students who have read it.

The full story:

The ad, which lists several former leaders of the Muslim Student Association (MSA) in various states before linking them with various terrorists and/or acts of terror, is thought to be at attempt to create (or maintain) fear of Muslims in America, or, more specifically, on college campuses.

One student, Jana Al-Akhras, was cited as saying “It was paid for. It is not an op-ed, and they had every right to deny it as hate speech.” However, Lantern faculty adviser Dan Caterinicchia stated that the publications committee had reached an agreement that the advertisement did not target nor denegrate Muslim students.

See the ad:

In my opinion, there is no way that this advertisement could be viewed as not racist. College campuses generally market themselves as being open and accommodating towards diversity. Because of this, I don’t understand how the publications committee of the Lantern could have possibly thought that running an advertisement such as this in their paper was an acceptable course of action. Student-run newspapers are just that- student run. As such, all students- not just Caucasian ones- should be able to read their university’s paper without feeling like a target. It’s bad enough that Muslims have been the targets of hate and racism for the past 11 years; they shouldn’t have to deal with it on a college campus, where making friends, having fun, bettering one’s life, and celebrating diversity are so heavily focused on.

View Ohio State’s Student Code of Ethics here:
Page 3 Section B #1: Endangering behavior

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