New parking meters were unexpected, but are here to stay

The Whitewater Common Council met Sept. 18 to discuss student parking at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, concerns about a possible invasion of the ash borer beetle, and the replacement of air conditioning units on the city hall building.


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Councilwoman Stephanie Abbott voiced her concerns over the parking situation at UW-W. The university removed meters from some parking lots, but added meters along Prince and Prairie streets. The removal of parking meters from the lots increased parking for those with commuter passes, while decreasing the amount of free parking around campus.

“I must express some disappointment that some of my fellow council members did not recognize as I did that the information presented during the June 7, 2012 council meeting differed greatly from the actions later taken by UW-Whitewater and Parking Services specifically,” Abbott said.

Karen Coburn, a member of the city’s Planning and Architectural Review Commission, voiced concerns to the council about a possible upcoming invasion of the ash borer beetle. The beetle has been located just 20 miles away from Whitewater and action needs to be taken to protect the city’s ash trees, Coburn said. An Emerald Ash Borer Public Educational Forum will be held Thursday, Oct. 4, at 6:30 p.m. in Hyland Hall. The Forum is open to the public.

The city’s Parks and Recreation Director Matt Amundson spoke of the air conditioning units located on the roof of the city hall building. Units A, B and C are 15 years old, which is the life expectancy for those particular units. In addition, the coils on unit C were damaged by pressure washing performed by previous maintenance workers. It has been recommended to not run this unit until the coils are repaired, which will cost an estimated $6,500. All three units should be replaced by 2014, according to Amundson.

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