Romney’s “private” comments go public

We journalists know that, when you’re in the public eye, everything you do can and will be watched. You’re fair game.

…Unless it’s a private event. Right, Romney?

At a “private” fundraiser on May 17th held in the home of Marc Leder, Romney was recorded by someone saying that the 47% of Americans who back President Obama are victims who pay no income tax. He then said that it isn’t his job to worry about “those people,” because he’ll “never convince them they should take personal care and responsibility for their lives.”


On late Monday, Sept. 17, Mother Jones published the videos while keeping the anonymity of the person who submitted them. By the looks of the videos,  it appears to be a member of the waitstaff, although we never actually see the guilty party.

When guests arrived at this lavish, $50,000 per-plate event, they were searched to make sure they had no recording devices of any kind, including cellular phones. It makes sense, then, that it could have been a worker–did you forget to check their pockets, Mr. Romney?

The publication of the videos obviously caused quite a stir. Mother Jones also went as far as to publish the transcripts of the videos, in case the viewers had a difficult time deciphering the garble.

Watch President Obama’s Reaction to the Videos

Mitt Romney plans no apologies for this video. He stated that, while he didn’t exactly say things eloquently, he meant what he said.

What do you think? Was Romney right to stand his ground, or should he have made a public apology?

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