Jefferson County Board Meeting 10/9

The Jefferson County Board met last Tuesday, Oct. 9, to discuss purchasing the Old Countryside Home at 1425 Wisconsin Drive for use as a highway shop.

In the Oct. 9 meeting 19 out of 28 members approved to buy the land. The county will offer $200,000 for the Countryside. The purchase is contingent upon the city of Jefferson changing the zoning for the area so that the house may be torn down and a highway shop can be built on the land. Highway shops are used for storage of salt and brine solution as well as machine work and showers, lockers and a lunch room for workers.

The Board also discussed the city budget plan. The tax levy for 2012 was set for $26.7 million, while the levy for 2013 will be raised to $26.8 million. Revenue is up about $28,000. The board has projected that by April 15, 2013, the county of Jefferson will be debt free.

Other topics covered included:

  • A resident complaint of a 25 foot long boat being removed from his property after another resident reported to police that the boat was his. Police showed up and removed the boat from the yard. When the man tried to report it as stolen, he was declined
  • The building of a highway satellite facility in Lake Mills, Wisconsin

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